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Kimberly Shapiro/April Melton

BIG GIRL PANTS is a podcast featuring raw discussions between two friends around the real-life challenges of raising kids, building careers, and staying healthy all while attempting to stay sane. It’s about cutting yourself some slack because we can’t be all things to everyone. April Melton and Kimberly Shapiro met while working together in the recruiting industry and instantly became friends. After many deep office discussions around the challenges of raising a family while working hard to build a career and trying to find the time to stay healthy, they realized that most women are struggling with the same things. They also realized, most feel isolated and completely alone as though every other woman on the planet has it together but them. This podcast is about empowerment! It’s about encouragement! It’s about uniting as women and lifting each other up. You are not alone. We are all in this together. April and Kimberly will talk about tips on staying healthy, balancing work and kids, managing your finances, and putting on your Big Girl Pants. This job of being a woman, isn’t for the faint of heart.We hope you join us!

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